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Investor Pitch Template: Essentials Edition (2021)

$ 250 USD

Our Investor Pitch template is perfect for helping early-stage startups raise Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A rounds. This slide template includes an investor pitch deck example with guidance on how best to fill in your presentation.

The OKR Kit

$ 150 USD

Many companies turn to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to organize their work and align across an organization. This OKR Kit helps you both understand how to write OKRs and sets you up for success with OKR templates.

Presentation Kit for Adobe XD

$ 0 USD

Create beautiful presentations to pitch your ideas, share project updates, or tell a story. The Presentation UI Kit includes layouts for common presentation slides with pre-built transitions.

Dark Mode Deck

$ 0 USD

For those late-night or low eye-strain moments, try a nice, relaxing dark theme for your decks.

Design Sprint Template

$ 80 USD

The Design Sprint is a five-day process to solve a design problem quickly. With this template, you can plan your sprint and exercises day-by-day, organize the outputs of each day into a full sprint summary and well as learn key user experience and design sprint terms.

Designer Portfolio Presentation Template

$ 0 USD

Are you a designer, about to interview for your dream job at that perfect company for you? Nail your next Portfolio Presentation with this template built for designers. Put your best foot forward, show off those case studies, and land your next job!

Investor Pitch Template (2017)

$ 50 USD

This slide template is great for presenting, as well as exporting as a PDF for all your current and potential investors to browse at their leisure. Special thanks to Jeff Chen for the Investor Relations insights.