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New Resource: Better Logos


Zach Grosser


February 24, 2021

New Resource: Better Logos

A lot of slides require the use of company logos. From team pages with previous organizations displayed to product integration slides with partners listed, we spend a lot of time going to Google Images and trying to find the right logo in a high resolution, with a transparent background.

So often, this is what we find instead:

The Google logo with a checkered background implying that it has a transparent background, but does not.

Then, with a refined Google Image search of, "logo transparent svg" there are a host of websites that exist to generate ad revenue. Offering slow load times, innumerable ads, and after all that — not even an SVG version!

A logo download website covered with ads including a separate window pop-up. On the page is a countdown timer to when the download will begin at "0" (the download never started).

Better Logos

The team at Zacht Studios has started a new project to reimagine this experience for ourselves and the rest of the (presentation) design community: Better Logos on the Figma Community,

We're building in Figma for greater access. Accounts are free, and you can export these logos in whatever format you need — SVG, PNG (with transparent background), PDF, and JPG — at any size.

I mentioned that we've "started" this project, because it will never be done. There are great, new logos designed every day, so this will always be a work-in-progress — and that's okay! We're committed to continuing to develop this resource and would love to receive any requests or hear about any inaccuracies. You can comment directly on our Figma page ( or you can email us at

Duplicate your copy here:

Worth noting:

Commonly, brand logos are protected by trademark and copyright laws. To be safe, use brand logos in descriptive contexts to refer to these companies or to cite their goods and services. You should not use brand logos to falsely create the impression that you are in a business relationship with a company or its goods and services. Need more guidance? Consult a lawyer.


Looking to create logos of your own? Adobe Express has an AI-powered logo maker, available at


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