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SuperHi AMA with Zach Grosser

SuperHi hosted an AMA with Zach Grosser after the launch of the Presenting Persuasively, a new online course available at

Pitch Q&A Interview with Zach Grosser

Pitch hosted a Q&A with Zach Grosser after the launch of the new Pitch Academy

Film Pitch Deck Outline

We've released a free template for filmmakers to use to pitch their film idea.

Presentation Design for Creatives — A course by Zach Grosser

Presentation Design for Creatives, my new online course, has launched on Domestika

When Good Could Be Better, 3 Steps to Persuasive Presentations

Zach Grosser, Owner of Zacht Studios, shares 3 tips to make a Good Presentation and then 3 more steps to up-level your deck to be more Persuasive.

The Top Five Ways Data Visualization Can Transform Your Business

Data visualization can be a powerful tool for businesses. Because raw data is often difficult to parse, data visualization provides useful insights into customer behavior and operational efficiency in a way that’s easy to comprehend. Here are some of the top ways data visualization can transform your business.

Tools to Run a Design Agency

Owner and Managing Director of presentation design agency Zacht Studios, Zach Grosser, reviews design and collaboration tools used as of November 2021.

VC Pitch Deck Template (Video)

Our VC Pitch template is perfect for helping early-stage startups raise Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A rounds. This slide template includes a pitch example with guidance on how best to fill in your presentation.

Logos with Transparent Backgrounds: Better Logos is now a Figma plugin

Struggling to find logos with transparent backgrounds? Struggle no more! Better Logos is a new plugin for Figma from Karl Koch, Neef Rehman, and Zach Grosser:

Interview with Adobe Design Director, Lance Shields

Lance Shields, Director of International Design at Adobe, tells us about Presentation — a new plugin for Adobe XD.

Building design presentation templates with Pitch (Video)

If you and your team are looking to up-level your presentations, I highly recommend checking out Pitch, an online collaborative presentation tool. It's not only easy, but also fun to use.

How We Built a Swipe File with Pitch

Florent's step-by-step guide to help you build your own Swipe file.

What Presentation Tool Should I Choose!? 2021 Edition

With new presentation tools coming on the market competing with legacy ones... which should you use and when? Here are the best-ofs and worst-ofs you need to know for 2021.

Template Slides in Figma (Video)

A quick walkthrough of setting up a slide template in Figma

Objectives & Key Results

Many companies turn to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to organize their work and align across an organization. Our OKR Kit helps you both understand how to write OKRs and sets you up for success with OKR templates. Buy the kit at

New Resource: Better Logos

Better brand logos. Vector versions of popular company wordmarks, lockups, and symbols.

Interview with Mentimeter’s VP of Product, Jakob Nettelbladt

Jakob Nettelbladt, VP of Product at Mentimeter, tells us about the interactive presentation platform.

Using Figma for Presentations: 2021 Update

I'm betting on Figma to be a significant player in the presentation tool game. I wanted to update my 2017 article with new strategies I’ve learned for designing slides in Figma.