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Building design presentation templates with Pitch (Video)

If you and your team are looking to up-level your presentations, I highly recommend checking out Pitch, an online collaborative presentation tool. It's not only easy, but also fun to use.

How We Built a Swipe File with Pitch

Florent's step-by-step guide to help you build your own Swipe file.

What Presentation Tool Should I Choose!? 2021 Edition

With new presentation tools coming on the market competing with legacy ones... which should you use and when? Here are the best-ofs and worst-ofs you need to know for 2021.

Template Slides in Figma (Video)

A quick walkthrough of setting up a slide template in Figma

Objectives & Key Results

Many companies turn to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to organize their work and align across an organization. Our OKR Kit helps you both understand how to write OKRs and sets you up for success with OKR templates. Buy the kit at

New Resource: Better Logos

Better brand logos. Vector versions of popular company wordmarks, lockups, and symbols.

Interview with Mentimeter’s VP of Product, Jakob Nettelbladt

Jakob Nettelbladt, VP of Product at Mentimeter, tells us about the interactive presentation platform.

Using Figma for Presentations: 2021 Update

I'm betting on Figma to be a significant player in the presentation tool game. I wanted to update my 2017 article with new strategies I’ve learned for designing slides in Figma.

Genially Storytelling Contest

Make a presentation showing off your Storytelling skills and win a free Premium Plan with Genially & $75!

Google Slides Pro Tips (Video)

Once a month, our team has an education-focused team meeting. This is a recording of our Google Slides Pro Tips session by Zach Grosser

Interview with Aili Olichney, Community Content Creator at Genially

Aili tells us about Genially, an interactive content creation tool.

Interview with Tella Co-founder, Grant Shaddick

We interview Grant Shaddick, co-founder of Tella, a collaborative online video creator.

Pitch Pro Tips for Quick, Quality Presentations

Our favorite Pitch features for making the slide designing process faster and easier, for anyone from seasoned presentation designers to slide-creating beginners.

Interview with Pitch Founder and CEO, Christian Reber

Christian shares his insights on Pitch, a new tool for building better presentations — focusing on real-time communication, smart workflows, and intuitive design features.

Beginner to Advance Use of Shapes in PPT

Breaking down basic techniques to make creative uses of Shapes into buttons, backgrounds, and more.

Every Great Presentation Needs a Story—Here’s How You Tell One

5 story structures you can use in your next presentation to leave a lasting impression.

Interview with OneDeck Co-founder, Will Neill

‍Will shares his insights on OneDeck, a new tool for pitching investors — focusing on streamlining and simplifying the experience for both sides of a pitch.

Distributing a Google Slides Template to an Entire Google Workspace Organization

Save custom Google Slides templates for everyone in your company to use

Preparing to Present

Simplifying your slides, neutralizing your nerves, and showing up prepared for your talk

Interview with Ludus Co-founder and CTO, Vincent Battaglia

Vincent shares his insights on Ludus, a newer entrant in the presentation tool game — betting on collaboration and designer-first features.

Quick Tip: Global Footer in Keynote

Update text with tables in Keynote!

Designing a Pitch Deck in Figma

Namnso shares his perspective on designing a Figma pitch deck

Investor Pitch Template for Google Slides

This slide template is great for presenting to your current and potential investors

Open-Source Investor Pitch Deck

A template made for use with Figma

How to Create Presentation Slides with Text on Images that Pop (Part 1)

Learn how to better combine images and text to make your slides pop

Designing the Design in Tech Report (2017)

When designing a report, start by establishing an understanding of its general-purpose, don’t get lost in the minutiae of what the exact content will be early on, if you’re working with a combination of written content, sourced imagery, and data points, you’ll need to keep a wide perspective in order to wield it all effectively.

Presentation design, an intro

Learn a few quick tips to uplevel your presentations immediately.