Film Pitch Deck Outline


Zach Grosser


July 7, 2023

Film Pitch Deck Outline

Film Pitch Deck Outline

  • Director Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Story Team
  • Production Team
  • Story Introduction
  • Logline
  • Protagonist
  • Moodboard
  • Production Overview
  • Schedule
  • Demographics
  • Distribution
  • Comps
  • Contact

Get the free Film Pitch Deck Template here:


Sometimes in the filmmaking process, you need a pitch deck to talk about the film that you wanna make. Hi, I'm Zach Grosser. I'm the owner and managing director of Zacht Studios. We're a creative agency that focuses on fundraising, pitch decks, company storytelling, and a lot more. We've released a free template for filmmakers to use to pitch their film idea.

This is available on I will show you at the end of this video how to download it and use it yourself. I thought it'd be helpful to run through the story arc of this pitch deck, so you can get a sense of how it's structured and how to structure a good film pitch.

The fun story of this is I was browsing typefaces and found this one and just, there was something about it that really made me want to make this Dracula movie slide. I was just messing around. And that's the origin story of this deck.

We also work with filmmakers to make pitch decks. So if you would like to hire somebody to help you with this process, that's what we do. You can visit us at and you can reach out to me directly and we can talk about helping you, but also happy to offer this as a free resource for you.

So you want to start with the director, investors, kind of across all industries, when they're starting on something that doesn't have, a ton of comps, which we will talk about comps later, but they're really betting on the person, right?

Or the team. Starting with people first is a really great strategy for kind of all pitch decks, especially where it's a company that's less established. From here we're gonna introduce the executive summary so someone can sort of get high level really quickly. And then we're gonna introduce the rest of our team; story team and production team. A

nd then quickly just going into the story, I think you wanna design this with enough character that it also helps reinforce the plan for the story. You can sort of use the, the title slide and this slide, the background as part of your mood board to give your audience as much information about your film and the vibe you're going for and the story you want to tell as possible.

We're introducing our story and then we are gonna include a log line. Then we're gonna introduce our protagonist, followed by more mood boarding. I think it's really helpful to have some variety here. So there's some imagery, there's some poetry. I think it's important to have variety and really give a large sense of the mood that you're going to create.

Then you want to introduce production, and how you're planning to make the film; the schedule, this is rough estimates. I would say once you get into the production process, this should get really granular, really fast, as you already know. Talk about some demographics, some comps, the distribution channels and movie comps.

So this is research that you've done, similar distribution films, similar themed films, similarly budgeted films. This is Murder Mystery Comps, and this is Fantasy Comps. I think that the fake film here, the Dracula film, it is across both genres. So including comps of different genres can be really helpful as well.

And then your contact information. So if you would like to use this template, you go to and you'll see it there. But you can also reach out to us at, if you would like to hire somebody to work with you on your film pitch. Thanks and good luck!

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