Investor Pitch Template for Google Slides


Zach Grosser


November 19, 2017

Investor Pitch Template for Google Slides

Earlier this year I published an open-source version of this Investor Pitch template for use with Figma — a collaborative, web-based design tool. While Figma is better for designing presentations, it lacks a few of the basic presentation software features like presenter’s notes, animations and transitions, video embedding, and PDF export. Additionally, Google Slides is generally more widely used than Figma by senior leadership at companies that are looking to pitch investors right now.

This slide template is great for presenting, as well as making into a PDF for all your current and potential investors to browse at their leisure. Special thanks to Jeff Chen for the Investor Relations insights.

View and create your own copy of this template with Google Slides.

Using This Template

Once you open the Google Slides file, you’ll need to make a copy of your own. Go to the file menu, select “Make a copy…”, and change the file name to the name of your presentation.

You can also save this to your organization’s Google account, for reuse in the future. Go to slides.google.com, click on “TEMPLATE GALLERY,” click on the second tab (which should be the same name as your G Suite organization), and click “Submit Template.” Once it’s submitted, anyone in your G Suite organization will be able to see it from this same page. When clicked a new copy will be created in that person’s Google Drive. However, the version that you submitted as a template will only be editable by you and the admins of the organization.

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