InterviewsSuperHi AMA with Zach Grosser

SuperHi hosted an AMA with Zach Grosser after the launch of the Presenting Persuasively, a new online course available at

InterviewsPitch Q&A Interview with Zach Grosser

Pitch hosted a Q&A with Zach Grosser after the launch of the new Pitch Academy

InterviewsInterview with Adobe Design Director, Lance Shields

Lance Shields, Director of International Design at Adobe, tells us about Presentation — a new plugin for Adobe XD.

InterviewsInterview with Mentimeter’s VP of Product, Jakob Nettelbladt

Jakob Nettelbladt, VP of Product at Mentimeter, tells us about the interactive presentation platform.

InterviewsInterview with Aili Olichney, Community Content Creator at Genially

Aili tells us about Genially, an interactive content creation tool.

InterviewsInterview with Tella Co-founder, Grant Shaddick

We interview Grant Shaddick, co-founder of Tella, a collaborative online video creator.

InterviewsInterview with Pitch Founder and CEO, Christian Reber

Christian shares his insights on Pitch, a new tool for building better presentations — focusing on real-time communication, smart workflows, and intuitive design features.

InterviewsInterview with OneDeck Co-founder, Will Neill

‍Will shares his insights on OneDeck, a new tool for pitching investors — focusing on streamlining and simplifying the experience for both sides of a pitch.

InterviewsInterview with Ludus Co-founder and CTO, Vincent Battaglia

Vincent shares his insights on Ludus, a newer entrant in the presentation tool game — betting on collaboration and designer-first features.