InterviewsInterview with Aili Olichney, Community Content Creator at Genially

Aili tells us about Genially, an interactive content creation tool.

InterviewsInterview with Tella Co-founder, Grant Shaddick

We interview Grant Shaddick, co-founder of Tella, a collaborative online video creator.

InterviewsInterview with Pitch Founder and CEO, Christian Reber

Christian shares his insights on Pitch, a new tool for building better presentations — focusing on real-time communication, smart workflows, and intuitive design features.

InterviewsInterview with OneDeck Co-founder, Will Neill

‍Will shares his insights on OneDeck, a new tool for pitching investors — focusing on streamlining and simplifying the experience for both sides of a pitch.

InterviewsInterview with Ludus Co-founder and CTO, Vincent Battaglia

Vincent shares his insights on Ludus, a newer entrant in the presentation tool game — betting on collaboration and designer-first features.