Open-Source Investor Pitch Deck


Zach Grosser


April 19, 2017

Open-Source Investor Pitch Deck

I’m excited to share an investor pitch deck template with you—it’s free! This slide template is great for presenting, as well as making into a PDF for all your current and potential investors to browse at their leisure. Special thanks to Jeff Chen for the Investor Relations insights. I’ll be releasing a more Conference-focused template soon, intended for slides with less text and more visual emphasis.

More details below on contributing to this file as an open-source project!

Download your copy

Using This Template

Figma is designed for, and marketed as, the collaborative interface design tool. I’m not an interface designer by day, but I believe Figma is the strongest design tool for my work and maybe yours too.

As I explored in my last post on using Figma for presenting, you can mirror a selected Frame in another window at figma.com/mobile-app. Toggle between Frames using “N” and “shift+N,” to play your Frames like slides in presentation software. With just this, Figma becomes a powerful tool for designing and presenting slides.

You can use this template and start right away: just drop in your own text, images, colors and graphics. And you can keep coming back here, or Figma Resources, to grab a fresh one. Tip: if you add /duplicate to the end of a Figma URL, as done here, a copy of the file is created every time the link is clicked. Alternatively, you could turn each Frame type into a Component and use them like master slides in traditional presentation design software.


Components in Figma (like symbols in Sketch) allow you to duplicate an object and sync changes across all copies of that object. For example: you created an app with a particular color palette, but your client wants to swap out the hue of red you’ve used for all the buttons and headers with their brand’s blue color. Using Components, all of the buttons could be based on one button Component, then changing that one button to blue changes all your buttons to blue.

Same goes for this template: making Components out of any of the objects or Frames in your file would allow you to make changes across your entire presentation.

I’ve done this with the slide titles: they’re all based off the same Component, the slide title on the third slide, “Summary.” If you change the color, font, or font size of “Summary,” you’ll see that change flow across other slides.

Components in Figma:

Improving This Resource


adjective COMPUTING

denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.


Like many, I believe more than just code should be open-sourced. And as with the maps I open-sourced, I want this presentation template to be something that we as a community contribute to, to collectively improve and get better.

Here is the original version of the presentation template as well, with commenting enabled. It’s open for improvement suggestions, and I’ll integrate feedback as often as I can.

To make comments on the original, visit the file, login to Figma (or sign up for free), click where you want to leave suggestions, enter feedback, and hit “Post.”

Commenting in Figma:

Thank you for supporting the open-source design and Figma communities. 🙌🏼

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